Way-marker Postcaps - BLUE

Way-marker Postcaps - BLUE

Clearly mark out bridleway routes with this simple but effective solution.

This long-lasting Way-marker Postcap fits 100x100mm square way-marker posts. Plastic capped screw fixings included.


Designed to be fitted in any location by volunteers, landowners, farmers, contractors, countryside access teams. You no longer need to paint your way-marker posts!


Full box of 70 at £6.49 each (£454.30/ box)

Part box (minimum 20) at £8.99 each

Delivery charge £15.00

prices exclude VAT

COMPONENTS: BLUE Way-marker Postcap - 70 per box | UV and frost resistant material | Highly visible colour | Supplied with two plastic capped screw fixings | Treated Redwood timber way-marker posts available as an optional extra | Square Way-marker Postcaps 100x100x100mm