Rutland Bridle Gate

Rutland Bridle Gate

The two-way opening Rutland timber bridle gate is ideally suited for all bridleways especially in areas of natural beauty.

  • Gate Height:1.2m
  • Gate leaf width: 1.5m
  • Gate overall Width: 2.05m

Gate width is BS 5709:2018 and DDA compliant

Gates are supplied with Redwood gate posts and fitted gate fittings.

UC4 Specification for a 15 year desired service life

COMPONENTS: Redwood timber 6-bar gate planed finished with eased edges | Slamming and hanging stiles with round tops | Bottom two rails double thickness for extra strength | Supplied fitted with two-way self-closing hinge, Easy Access latch, and long straight handle | Redwood timber gate posts 2.4mx175x175mm with 4-way weathered tops | All timber treated to UC4 Specification for 15 year desired service life or warranty | Trombone handles available as an optional extra | Gate height at 1.2m, gate width at 1.5m, overall width at 2.05m.