The right choice for Rights of Way Gates

Posted: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 15:25

Choosing a rights of way gate

From choice of materials to lead times and guarantees, there's a right way for Rights of Way gates - and we've guidance to show you how.

Who should be choosing the gate?

Make sure the right person in the organisation is making the buying decision – with the full information and specification to hand, and for the right function and purpose.

Which materials make the difference?

Our Rights of Way gates are made from heavy grade steel, by certified coded welders, for maximum product lifespan. Others may be cheaper, but the cost saving dissolves if the gate needs replacing after a couple of years.

How long do you expect a ROW gate to last?

Our hot-dipped galvanised steel ROW gates come with a 7-year guarantee and an expected service life exceeding 25 years. Always check with your manufacturer – a short-term saving will not mean a long-term cost benefit over time. Self-closing gates should have long-term resilience and not deteriorate prematurely over regular use.

How quickly can we expect delivery?

As a specialist in design and manufacture, Secure-a-Field holds large stocks, offering a short lead time and quick delivery - often within 1 week.

Left or right-hand hung?

Choosing our unique self-closing hinges and strikers allows for fully interchangeable left or right hand opening. No need to stock two hinges and therefore an easier solution for installers on site - just the universal fittings.

Which way will it open?

You choose. Our latches, hoops and hinges are universal and interchangeable to suit ultimate flexibility and ease of installation at no extra cost!

What will it look like?

Whilst style may be secondary to function, SAF offers options to powder coat and finish ROW gates for superior visual impact and finish. Black, green, yellow or white are the most frequently requested powder coating colours; however, we can work to any RAL reference required.

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