Improved security for Loatlands Primary School, Kettering, Northants.

The Secure-a-Field team have replaced a perimeter hedge at Loatlands Primary School with 180 metres of maintenance free 2m high palisade steel fencing and enabled the school to achieve a 'clear line of sight' at the boundary.

This project included supply and installation of automated vehicle access gates and pedestrian gates with self-closing timed mag-locks that release on school opening and closing times, saving a lot of locking / unlocking time for the caretaker.

A video intercom system was also installed, enabling controlled access / egress to school visitors during the day whilst other gates remain locked, greatly increasing security of the site whilst making management much easier.

It's worth noting there are a number of advantages that steel fencing provide compared to perimeter hedges:

  • Much lower maintenance (and the ongoing cost associated with this)
  • More space - hedges often increase in width while you're not looking!
  • Remove the "litter trap"
  • Remove the danger of thorn wounds to children
  • A "clear line of sight" at the school boundary; an increasingly common request by Ofsted to improve safety (hedges don't comply with Ofsted requirements for safeguarding)
Wed, 17 Feb 2021
Loatlands Primary School
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  • Loatlands Primary Hedge Replaced With Palisade