Cowran Estate Services find the perfect bridge solution!

Ground conditions and access for installation of a footbridge near Moresby Hall, in Cumbria, were very challenging following the re-routing of a water course. However, Cowran Estate Services found the perfect solution...

Our team supplied Cowran Estates with a pre-assembled 10mtr Bison Bridge, manufactured with long-life galvanized steel beams - in just 1 week from the order date!

Once on site, the bridge was simply craned into position, ready for fixing to the concrete abutment blocks.

Bridge specification:

  • 10mtr bridge length
  • 1.2mtr bridge width
  • Non-slip timber deck boards
  • Timber parapet.
  • Galvanised long-life steel frame structure
  • Delivered to client fully assembled
Thu, 8 Feb 2024
Moresby Bridge, Cumbria
D Bedford
  • Bison Bridge, delivered pre-assembled

  • Craning a pedestrian bridge into position

  • Cowran Estate Services project near Moresby Hall, Cumbria