Denby Free CE Primary School

Located next to one of the oldest churches in England, the Denby Free CE Primary School has a history dating back to 1728. As with all older education facilities there are challenges ensuring they are up to modern standards whilst sympathetically preserving existing features.

Secure-a-field were approached to assist with improving the security of a side boundary in line with Ofsted requirements. The existing boundary wall runs alongside a public right of way but wasn't high enough to be meet safeguarding requirements. As the wall overlooked the church any improvements made would need to be in keeping with the buildings and location.

Secure-a-field designed and installed 33mtrs of bow-top railing, mounted to the existing wall to increase the boundary height to the minimum requirement of 1800mm. The system featured cranked posts to ensure the new railings sat centrally over the existing coping and 16mm solid bar infills for added strength and durability.

Each railing panel was manufactured to a bespoke width to follow the brickwork exactly. As with all our products the railings were galvanised for longevity with the client choosing the option of a powder coated black finish.

Tue, 29 Nov 2022
Bespoke Bow top railing for Denby Free CE Primary School
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