What to consider when buying play area fencing

Posted: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 15:59

What to consider when buying play area fencing

With Summer only a couple of months away and the weather warming to more than an icy breeze, local playgrounds and play areas are becoming a haven for parents looking for a secure, safe space to let their energetic children run free.But with the warmer weather comes the light pressure for councils and schools to ensure their play area equipment, surfaces and fencing are of the highest quality and in excellent condition for the year ahead.To make that process a little easier, we've put together a list of the top considerations we think every council or school should make when buying fencing for a designated play zone.

Is it secure?

A play park is one of the only outdoor environments where a parent can allow their children the freedom to develop their curiosity, hone their motor skills and socialise with others, without the worry of the outside world.

A Self closing gate will give peace of mind for mums and dads who want the added protection of a secure boundary for curious children. However, a gate which closes too quickly could hinder a wheelchair user or cause an accident, so it is important to invest in a quality gate designed specifically for play area use.

Anti-tamper security fixings are a great idea for any secure, child-friendly perimeter fence. These fittings are not only designed to avoid any fingers getting trapped, they ensure your fencing remains 100% secure.

Is it durable?

There are several fences and gates on the market, designed to stand the test of time with minimal to no maintenance. But when buying fencing for schools or playgrounds it is important to take into consideration environment and any potential use or wear and tear.

Steel is the fencing material of choice for playgrounds and parks. Steel is high strength, difficult to vandalise and doesn't snap or splinter like a wood fence might. Steel also isn't affected by rot or infestation, making it doubly durable to the elements and environment.

Opting for powder coating over painting can maximise longevity for your railings and save you money in the long run. Powder coating is not only more environmentally friendly compared to traditional paint, it is long-lasting and resistant to rusting, cracking, chipping, chemical exposure and harsh weather and environments.

Is it safe?

For a parent of a young child, the world can be one potential risk after another, so it is important that safe, secure fencing is not something to be added to their list of worries.

Bow top fencing is the RoSPA fence of choice, with spikes, barbs or palisade fence pales being inarguably unsuitable for use in playpark environments. All gates and railings must be finger trap and sharp edge free, with all gaps both narrow enough to stop a child slipping through and wide enough to avoid an arm, foot or head being trapped.

Any gates need to be at least 1.2m in width - wide enough to allow access for wheelchairs and pushchairs – and positioned in the safest possible place. Consider where parents and children will be entering and exiting your park and any hazards which may cause an accident, for example main roads, bike paths, open water and uneven ground. Hazards inside the park may be a swing set or ball play area.

We recommend a minimum of two gates in case one becomes blocked, broken or unusable, and depending on the location and size of your play area it may be worth considering a lockable vehicle access gate too, to ensure emergency services can get to an injured child if needed.

Secure-a-Field are stockists and manufacturers of a number of quality, RoSPA approved railings gates and fencing solutions which have been designed with all the above considerations in mind.Our dedicated and experienced sales team can help you devise the perfect play area fencing solution to suit your requirements, environment and budget. Give us a call to find out more or send across a list of your requirements for a free quote, today.

What to consider when buying play area fencing

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