Security Perimeter Increased for Kettering School

Secure-a-Field recently headed over to St Mary’s Junior School in Kettering to improve perimeter security and safeguarding levels for students.

Our site inspection found two boundaries which used 1.2m high bow top railings. Not only did these have obvious openings for pedestrian access, but they also presented no obstacle for potential intruders who could render a lot of valuable outdoor play space unusable and unsafe for students.

Secure-a-Field collaboratively worked with the school's business manager and other key members of staff to carefully curate a plan, taking into consideration the users and visitors who would need access, whilst maintaining the student's safety as a number one priority.

The agreed plan was to remove the existing railings and replace with 1.8m high green round-topped palisade fencing, which suited the sloping ground on-site. As the school is next to a public highway in an urban street scene, and with terraced housing facing the site just a few meters away, we decided this was the best course of action to make sure it didn't look too intrusive.

Once installation of the railings was complete, focus moved to site security. We installed manual double leaf access gates which are only opened at the start and end of each day. During school hours, all visitors now gain access through a self-closing pedestrian gate that is secured by maglock and has a Paxton video intercom unit, enabling reception to remotely view and talk to each visitor before allowing access on site.

Thank you to St Mary's for your custom! If you're looking to improve or update the security on your site, please contact Secure-a-Field to discuss your options – we'd be very happy to help.

Fri, 03 Jan 2020
St Mary’s Junior School, Kettering
Oliver Lloyd