Resolving cycle theft on school property

With cycle theft at one of their Leicester schools becoming an ever-growing problem, The Mead MAT contacted Secure-a-Field to advise on a solution to improve the security of their current cycle storage area. Having had several cycles stolen on more than one occasion the school was keen for something to be done to prevent it happening again.

We visited site and after discussions with the trust and school estate teams, suggested a solution utilising our Defender 358 anti-climb mesh security system complete with a pedestrian access gate to match. Our Defender 358 system features full length clamp bars and a mesh panel with very small apertures making it very tamper proof and almost impossible to scale.

Our proposal was for the top of the fencing to meet the existing shelter structure removing the possibility of any gaps that could be used to climb through. We also specified a section of the mesh to close off the gap between the roofs of the shelters to prevent anybody attempting to lower themselves into the storage area. Supplying the fencing and gates powder coated to match the shelter ensured it looks the part and blends in with the existing structure.

Hitting the ground running as soon as the school summer holiday started our installers worked hard and meticulously to bring our design to reality with the finished result being beyond the expectations of the school and trust teams. Another satisfied Secure-a-Field customer!

Wed, 27 Jul 2022
The Mead Multi Academy Trust - Cycle shelter security
D Bedford
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